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Iroko- Full Stave

Our full stave Iroko worktops radiate a genuine warmth. Constructed from planks of timber that, as the name suggests, run the full length of the worktop, this new addition to our range can be successfully incorporated in both traditional and contemporary kitchens. Full stave iroko worktops have a stave width of approximately 90mm, creating an extraordinary solid appearance that only a wide stave could allow. A perfect choice for a work surface.

Full Stave Iroko kitchen worktops from our best selling collection, the highest quality A grade worktops, supplied fully sanded to a silky smooth 150 grit finish and complete with square edges. 

Our Full Stave Iroko solid wood worksurfaces are constructed from full length, 90mm wide staves, supplied unfinished allowing you to finish and hone the worktop to your preference before installation. We are proud to supply the highest quality worktops with high pressure edge glued staves, simply oil or wax to create a perfect finish.

Product Quantity Price

150mm W/Top Connecting Bolt ea


Wood Worktop Aftercare Kit- 5 x Denibbing pads, 4 x Foam Poiling Pads


Danish Oil 1 Litre


Wood installation Kit- 1 X TCT Router Cutter, 3 X Worktop connector bolts (for one join). 10 X Slotted brackets. 1 X worktop sealant. Selection of woodscrews


Danish Oil 2.5 Litre


Danish Oil 5 Litre


3m x 100mm x 20mm Upstand


2m x 620mm x 40mm Worktop


2m x 720mm x 40mm Worktop


2m x 960mm x 40mm Breakfast Bar Worktop


3m x 620mm x 40mm Worktop


3m x 720mm x 40mm Worktop


4m x 620mm x 40mm Worktop


3m x 960mm x 40mm Breakfast Bar Worktop


4m x 720mm x 40mm Worktop

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